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They Belong to Me

Hello, My name is Marlene and my great grandchildren have been separated from us- their family-and given to strangers by the Harford County, MD.,Department of Social Services. Over the next few  blogs, I intend to express how my family has been affected and invite anyone who has experienced  a devastating event like this to share your feelings, questions and how you are living with the heartbreak. Please let me know of any plans, actions and results. 

In my research, I have learned of other jurisdictions that have created innovations to try and keep families together. I don't understand why this is not a first choice even if the family is not the parent(s). It is my plan to fight for my great grands and have informed Harford County Social Services that I may not win the "war" but they will know that there has been a battle. 

I don't understand from slavery to babies in cages why children have to be separated from Mommy. I believe that every child deserves to rest in Mommy's bosom and feel her heartbeat. I believe it is cruel for a healthy, happy child to wake up with a stranger and wonder who to trust and love and feel secure. 

I hope that you will read my blog as it evolves. I refer you also to  3 books:

"When the Welfare People Came"- Don Lash

"Shattered Bonds"- Dorothy Barnes

"Catching a Case"- Tina Lee

These authors explore the Foster Care System and point out the discrepancies in poor, black and Latino children in Foster Care.

When children are given to strangers-it's as if the Department of Social Services makes a     clinical strike to give children to strangers and the families are supposed to forget that they exist?

  I can be reached at and will be happy to hear from you. Watch for my blogs-coming soon.

Thank you for listening. Marlene

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